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Have vast and multifaceted experience in administrative roles as an entrepreneur and start-up business owner. Skilled in using various computer applications and in performing computer jobs as my regular daily tasks. I am a focused and determined worker, a good communicator, and detail-oriented. A good collaborator in the workplace and full of passion to create a positive difference for those I serve. I can offer quality and multiple services that can be done remotely and can even swiftly evolve with new skills as necessary.

Michael John Marquez
Pavia, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Social Media Management
Online Bookkeeping - Xero (Online Bookkeeping - Xero)
Data Entry Specialist
Content Creator


My Experience and Education

Bachelor of Theology

Central Philippine University

Master of Divinity

Central Philippine University

Faith Based Social Entrepreneurship Training

International Ministries

December 4, 2022
General Virtual Assistant Training

On December 4, 2022, I began training to become a general virtual assistant in order to get ready to start working as a virtual assistant for hire, despite the fact that the nature of my previous work was always closely related to digital technology and other computer-related duties.

December 17, 2022
Social Media Management

When I went to the Social Media Management In-depth Course on December 17, I updated my expertise of managing social media, which I had been doing for more than 2 years. I did it because I was aware that there were now better and more modern methods available, and I needed to improve my ability to manage Social Media accounts. And I'm eager to learn more about this subject consistently.

March 4-5, 2023
Online Bookkeeping - Xero (Online Bookkeeping - Xero)

Throughout the majority of the responsibilities I held going back five years, bookkeeping and financial records have always been a part of my actual daily tasks. I sought to become an expert in both actual bookkeeping and the many app and cloud-based bookkeeping systems available in order to serve my worldwide clientele for bookkeeping. I've self-taught myself how to use various bookkeeping applications, such as Quickbooks, and I know I can switch between apps with ease because I've always had a natural sense for using contemporary digital technologies.

2019 - 2022
(Marketing and Operation Officer)

I was in charge of managing the marketing and operational facets of the company where I worked. For this start-up project, I completed numerous jobs that required a variety of abilities. I worked on marketing strategies, content creation, inventory tracking, distribution systematization, and financial report preparation. When performing the responsibilities assigned to me at this employment, I showed initiative, accuracy, time management, and passion—skills I carried with me throughout my career.

1/2020 - 2/2021
(Data Entry Specialist)

I was given the task of encoding data from numerous organizations I worked with in the majority of my past roles. I manage bookkeeping of all the data that passed through my department as part of my usual work assignment and as a matter of organizing files and records due to my experience in sales and marketing-related roles. As a result, I developed abilities utilizing spreadsheets and Google Sheets. Later, I came across and studied cloud-based bookkeeping applications like Xero, where I received formal training, and Quickbooks, where I merely self-learned. And I can quickly and simply transition from one platform to another.

2022 - 2022
(Article Content Writer)

Writing has always been my passion. I haven't stopped writing since I was in undergrad until now. I got the opportunity to write for both academic and business goals. I joined a publishing company and provided writing there as well. In addition, I wrote to launch a career as a book reviewer online, and some of my reviews were posted online. As a content writer, I was also allowed to generate material to promote goods and services. I am proficient in using a variety of online copywriting tools and keep up with current advancements in writing, both with and without the help of AI.

12/22 - 2/23
Boo Enterprises Inc.
(Instagram Influencer Manager)

As the Social Media Manager for this company, it was my responsibility to connect with other Instagram influencers and urge them to participate in sponsored or cross-promotional advertising. Making Instagram feed updates, stories, and clips was one of my jobs. Also, there is a data entry component to the task where we encode all the information from the influencers' Instagram pages as well as the statistics regarding the success of the promotion. I had to demonstrate our technological know-how by utilizing several Social Media tools to build dynamic links using Fire Base and later reviewing the analytics. Used the Social Blade app, check accounts and the engagement rate.

My Services

Social Media Management

Analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interaction and planning digital campaigns to build community.

Data Entry / Web Researcher

Search the Internet for information on a wide variety of topics.

Content Creator

Promote companies' products and services by developing copy for websites, social media, marketing materials.

Online Bookkeeping - Xero (Online Bookkeeping) Specialist

Looking for reliable bookkeeping services? I can help you manage your finances and keep your books in order.


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