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I am Mary Joice, Virtual Assistant who loves to learn new things and skills. I have a fond love for learning that will help me out of my comfort zone and excel in the things that hinders me to doubt my capabilities and abilities which closes the opportunities to step up and stand out.

Attending training, researching, and watching youtube for tutorials help me understand the things I don't even have any knowledge of. But mostly what I have loved is I am willing to undergo any training to be able to help and collaborate with you and help you in achieving your goals.

I wanted to grow in this industry together with you while making sure that I contributed help and value to your business with my hard work, perseverance, and consistency.

And I am Mary Joice, your Virtual Assistant.

Mary Joice Datinguinoo Ciudad
Batangas, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Web Scraping
Data Scraping
LinkedIn Leads
B2B and B2C Lead Generation
Basic Knowledge in Mailchimp
Basic Knowledge in Active Campaign
Lead Generation Specialist
Web Researcher


My Experience and Education

Associate in Office Administration

Sta. Teresa College

2022 - 2022
SONNIEZ Essential Projects
(Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Product Researcher)

-Researching products in the US Marketplace using different strategies; manual sourcing, reverse sourcing and storefront stalking.
-Listing and compiling all potential products according to client’s parameters.
Tools Used:

2022 - 2022
(Online Product Sourcing Assistant/ Product Researcher)

-Research for potential product opportunities and share them with the team if they meet specified criteria.
- Doing the research using different strategies: manual sourcing, reverse sourcing and storefront stalking.
- Using tools like Keepa, RevSeller, IP Alert

My Services

Amazon Online Arbitrage Product Researcher

Researching potential products using different sourcing strategies.

Data Entry / Web Researcher

Gather valuable data and the most relevant information needed, and record them in the google sheets file format.

Lead Generation Specialist

Helping you generate qualified leads to deliver more valuable assets and information..


Learning Email Marketing

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I am available for freelance projects.
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