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Your Virtual Dynamo | Seamlessly Balancing Assistant Duties and Data Entry Prowess!

I am a devoted wife and loving mother, gracefully balancing the roles of a life partner and nurturing parent. With boundless love and unwavering dedication, I create a harmonious haven where love flourishes and dreams take flight

Experienced Data Analyst turned Virtual Assistant and Data Entry Specialist with two years of expertise in the retail industry. With a deep understanding of data analysis and a keen eye for detail, I bring efficiency and accuracy to data entry tasks. Leveraging my retail industry knowledge, I offer tailored solutions that address specific challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Driven by a passion for streamlining operations and maximizing productivity, I excel in managing administrative tasks and leveraging technology for optimal efficiency. With strong communication skills and a dedication to professionalism, I build trust-based partnerships focused on delivering outstanding service.

Let's collaborate to unlock the power of your data and drive success in your business. Together, we can transform your data into a strategic asset and propel your business to new heights. Don't wait, seize the opportunity now and let's make data work for you! Hire me now!

Mary Angelica P. Billones
Naga City, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Analytical Thinking
Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
Attention to Detail
Typing Speed and Accuracy
Organizational Skills


Virtual Assistant Training

My Experience and Education

BS Management

Bicol University

2016 - 2018
TCL Merchandise Brokerage Inc.
(MPC Analyst)

• Responsible for organizing and analyzing data from available data sources to support retail reporting, projects and initiatives.
• Manipulated data using pivot tables, charts and various excel functions.
• Create weekly and monthly reports for distribution to the Buying and Planning teams.

My Services

Database Management

Managing and updating databases by entering, editing and maintaining records to ensure data integrity and accessibility.

Data Conversion

Converting data from one format to another.

Data Entry

Accurate and efficient entry of data from various sources, i.e. physical documents, digital files, forms, and databases.

Business Intelligence

roviding insights and recommendations to support strategic decision-making, optimize processes, and improve business per


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