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Not Your Typical Virtual Assistant, Concha!

Hi there! I'm Concha, and I'm here to provide the extra support you need to help streamline your busy schedule.

I'm not only a dedicated social media manager but also a passionate co-owner of a small cloud kitchen and eco-products business with my sisters. Despite our limited staff, we take on a wide range of responsibilities, including sourcing supplies and raw materials, overseeing marketing and sales, managing social media accounts, and creating eye-catching digital posters using Canva. I acquired the skills to use Canva independently, with the help of tutorial videos, enabling us to design and publish our promotional materials. We also keep a close watch on trends to determine the most effective times to post engaging content that attracts customers. Thanks to our social media efforts, we've cultivated a loyal customer base and established valuable connections for our business. I'm eager to extend my support to your business as well.

So, if you're seeking a virtual assistant with a combination of professional expertise and diverse interests, I'd be delighted to connect with you and explore how I can contribute to your success!

Ma. Concepcion L. Ordiales
Imus, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Social Media Management
Graphic Designer
Content Creator
FB ads Manager
Organization Skills
Research Skills


My Experience and Education

BS Civil Engineering

De La Salle University - Dasmarinas

2023 - 2023
The Shellhouse Daet Blog
(Social Media And Fb Ads Manager)

1. Content creation like reels and Instagram posts.
2. Paid advertising for additional reach and follows.
3. Content scheduling.
4. Audience engagement.

2020 - 2023
The Kimchi Cellar Samgyupsal Cloud Kitchen
(Social Media And Fb Ads Manager)

1. Content creation using canva and raw photos.
2. Audience engagement by interacting through comments, messages and mentions.
3. Paid advertising by boosting posts during special events and promotional periods.
4. Brand management
5. Content scheduling and trend monitoring

2018 - 2020
Asulberde Eco-Friendly Products
(Social Media And Fb Ads Manager)

Building brand awareness, engaging with customers, driving website traffic, and ultimately contributing to the achievement of business goals.

My Services

Social Media Management

Analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interaction and planning digital campaigns to build audience.

FB Ads Manager

Boost brand visibility, drive audience growth and strategize digital campaigns to market products and services.

Content Creator

Enhance exposure of corporate products and services through creation of social media and marketing collaterals.


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I am available for freelance projects.
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