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I'm a 19-year-old Gen Z individual who recently completed Grade 12 with a strong focus on STEM subjects. Currently, I am pursuing a nursing degree, while also nurturing my passion for creativity through various forms of art and crafts.

During my journey into the world of freelancing, I came across the role of a Virtual Assistant and immediately felt a strong desire to pursue it. To enhance my understanding and skills in this field, I dedicated myself to watching YouTube videos, conducting thorough research, and enrolling in courses specifically tailored to virtual assistance and the range of services they provide. Through these endeavors, I have developed the confidence and competence required to effectively engage with and support entrepreneurs and coaches in managing their product or service-based businesses.

Justine Mhel Caalim Andres
Laoag City, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Social Media Management
Graphic Designer
Data Entry
Content Creator



My Experience and Education

2023 - ongoing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

STEM (Strand)

Northwestern University

My Services

Social Media Marketing

Boosting brand growth: leveraging digital platforms, curating engaging content, fostering meaningful interactions.

Customer Service

Dedicated to delivering exceptional service, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Social Media Management

Analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interaction and planning digital campaigns to build community.

Email & Chat Support

Providing prompt and effective assistance, resolving queries, and delivering top-notch customer service.

Social Media Content Curation & Creation (Photo & Video Editing)

Curate & edit visuals to captivate audiences & enhance brand presence across social media.



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