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"Efficient and Detail-Oriented Professional Ready to Take on Amazon's Virtual Assistant Position and Boost Productivity!"

As a seasoned educator with seven years of experience in the classroom, combined with my apprenticeship in online arbitrage, I am a highly adaptable and flexible individual with a proven ability to excel in diverse environments. My expertise in Amazon product sourcing and listing, coupled with my passion for e-commerce, has equipped me with the necessary skills to succeed in this field. My keen attention to detail and sharp analytical skills allow me to quickly identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth and development. With a strong commitment to excellence, I approach every task with enthusiasm and professionalism, always striving to exceed expectations. As a dedicated learner, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my knowledge and skills in order to achieve optimal results. I am confident that my unique blend of experience and expertise makes me an ideal candidate for any role requiring a high level of initiative, diligence, and skill in e-commerce.

Ellie Rose Lumingil
Koronadal City, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Amazon Product Research
Amazon Product Listing
Data Entry
Amazon Virtual Assistant
SellerAmp SAS
Microsoft Office
FBA Calculator
Graphic Designer



My Experience and Education

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Industry Management

Cagayan State University

April 2023 - May 2023
ProVA, Philippines
(Apprentice at Amazon)

I participated in a 14-day internship and training program where I utilized tools like Keepa, SellerAmp SAS, and FBA Calculator.

2014 - 2021
Sarasas Witaed Saimai School, Bangkok Thailand
(Grade School Teacher)

-Has developed effective teaching strategies and techniques
-Can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners
-Is able to anticipate and address common student misconceptions
-Has a repertoire of engaging activities and projects to make learning fun and meaningful
-Builds positive relationships with students and creates a safe, supportive classroom environment
-Provides timely and constructive feedback to students to help them grow and improve
-Collaborates with colleagues to share best practices and continuously improve their teaching
-Is a lifelong learner themselves, seeking out opportunities for professional development and growth.

My Services

Graphic Designer

I can help in creating designs that are not only visually appealing but also innovative and cutting-edge.

Data Entry / Web Researcher

I help clients organize their data in a systematic and organized way to enable easy access and analysis of information.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

I help in identifying potential product leads, optimizing Amazon listings, and providing accurate product information.


Amazon Product Research

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