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I have more than 4 years of experience in sales for 3 different dealers and brands, and with that, I can say I almost master social media marketing and doing sales publishing. I am engaged with two daughters, and I love spending time with them while doing my job with proper time management to have a work-life balance. Being a sales agent, I need to build myself with high confidence and the right approach to my clients. Aside from focusing on sales, I also need to report to my superior, and I also manage my juniors to boost their skills, collect all data or possible clients for day-to-day to input on the system, and have some briefings to be more productive in our field.

A social media specialist is responsible for overseeing one or more social media accounts for a business. They strategize new social media campaigns and initiatives and are up-to-date on the latest social media trends and technologies. A data entry role involves entering data from various sources into the company computer system for processing and management.

Camille E. Malolos
Calamba Laguna, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

E- Commerce VA
Facebook Ads Manager
Data Entry
Social Media Manager


General Virtual Assistant

My Experience and Education



2021 - 2023
Geely Calamba
(Sales Executive)

2018 - 2019
Philip Morris

2017 - 2018
Samsung Company

My Services

Data Entry

Entering data from various sources into the company computer system for processing and management.

Social Media Management

creating and scheduling content designed to grow and nurture an audience across social media platforms.


Social Media Management

Data Entry Specialist

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