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My primary area of focus lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is widely recognized that SEO holds immense significance for businesses, regardless of their size. To enhance my expertise in this field, I recently underwent rigorous training conducted by a SEASONED MENTOR who possesses 8 YEARS of experience in the industry. This mentor not only offers a wealth of knowledge but also has a commendable track record of optimizing websites successfully. As a result of this training, I have acquired valuable insights and strategies to improve website visibility and drive organic traffic. By incorporating these proven techniques, I aim to achieve exceptional optimization performance.

Before I focused on SEO, over the course of 9 years, I gained extensive experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, specifically as a Customer Service Representative and Technical Support specialist. This allowed me to develop a strong skill set in handling customer inquiries and providing technical assistance. In 2017, I transitioned into the field of Virtual Assistance (VA) and served as an Administrative Assistant for an Australian company for nearly 3 years. During this time, I honed my organizational and administrative skills, ensuring smooth operations and efficient support for the company. As a testament to my commitment to excellence,
I consistently receive positive feedback from my clients, commending my ability to be both efficient and effective in my role as an employee. This feedback highlights my dedication to delivering quality results in a timely manner while ensuring that the outcomes align with the objectives and expectations of my clients. By prioritizing efficiency without compromising on the quality of my work, I have built a reputation for being a reliable and productive team member. The recognition from my clients serves as validation of my commitment to excellence and motivates me to continue providing exceptional service.

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Apple Abaquita
Talisay City, Philippines
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SEO Intensive Training

My Experience and Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in SpEd

Talisay City College

2018 - 2020
TryPOD Australia

Production-relate Tasks
● Orders & monitors supplies procurement from ordering to delivery
● Monitors client orders from order to completion (delivery/pick up/installation)
● Counterchecks supplier invoices
● Retrieves production/design files from Production/Design Server
● Communicates with clients regarding status of orders
● Books & tracks client order deliveries
● Contact Suppliers within Australia & Overseas
● Logistics& shipping

Estimation-related Tasks
● Updates installer’s list
● Encodes details of new clients
● Encodes quotes based on the details provided by the client then report to Senior Estimator
● Updates clients regarding their quote request

Finance-related Tasks
● Sends payment reminders to client
● Generates Invoices and send to the clients

2017 - 2017
(Technical Support Specialist Technical Support Specialist)

● Works for Telecommunications Company in Australia which is Telstra.
● Assists Telstra customers with their network and email issues, basically all issues.
● Most of the time, I do case management in all customer complaints I get every day and
● make sure to update the customer

2012 - 2016
(Customer Service Representative)

● Handles small and big business accounts in eBay Australia.
● Answers phone calls and emails either buying or selling issues.
● Helps sellers track their sales by providing feedback and coaching once a month on what
● needs to be done to improve their sales and performance.
● Assists sellers in the billing issues such as bill discrepancies, credits and bill adjustments.
● Educates customers on product and service offerings. Informed customers about all
● product lines and services offered by the company

My Services

Website Content Writer

Skilled writer who crafts engaging narrative ,understands the target audience.Boosts SEO rankings to get organic traffic

SEO Specialist

Marketing professionals who use research and analysis to improve a website's ranking on search engines like Google.

Virtual Assistant

Remote professional providing administrative, creative, or technical support to individuals or businesses. Efficient and

Client Feedback


Andrew H

She's been employed for over 2 years & throughout that time she's been a key member of the team. She's always demonstrated a fantastic work ethic & dedication to her role. She's always willing to help out when needed including doing time to ensure all her tasks are completed before the end of her shift. During her time at Factory One she's built great repour with both fellow team members & also directly with our clients. One of her strongest attributes is her customer service even when a client is being difficult. She maintains her polite & courteous attitude when helping in all situations. She's been punctual, loyal & I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a team member for another company - Andrew H


Daniel M

I exceptionally recommend Apple for any position she may apply for. While working with her on a daily basis, you can appreciate the kind of help she provides with all tasks from quoting jobs to liaising w/ clients and taking care of material orders, she is exceedingly passionate about her duties & treated them w/ necessary seriousness - Daniel M


Natacha S

many years & has personally assisted me w/ a number of MAJOR PROJECTS throughout this time. Her positive attitude has been a key factor in her success, coupled w/ perseverance, attention to detail & a willingness to learn. For many COMPLEX PROJECTS, she managed a number of key responsibilities w/c ensured outcomes were always delivered to a high-standard - resulting in satisfied cstomers & repeat business. My colleagues & I have ll had a high level of trust in Apple's abilities & we're confident in relying on her complete to complete any tasks assigned to her in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any roles she chooses to pursue in future & wish her all the best in her continuing career - Natacha S

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