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Hi I’m Almajera or you can call me Maj, a dedicated and accomplished pharmacy graduate with a profound understanding of pharmaceutical sciences. Armed with a solid academic foundation, I seamlessly combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills gained through internships and hands-on experiences.

Possessing effective communication and interpersonal skills, I am adept at engaging with both patients and healthcare professionals. Beyond academia, I bring empathy, meticulous attention to detail, and a robust ethical foundation to my pharmacy practice.

I am willing to work in any job opportunities that come my way, utilizing the knowledge I have gained from my past internships and experiences. I am committed to giving my very best in any job I undertake.

Almajera P. Alilian
Mati City, Philippines
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My Skills and Competencies

Customer Service
Time Management
Medical Knowledge
Medical Scribing
Technological Competence
Attention to Details


General Virtual Assistance Training

My Experience and Education


Technical and Communication Technology

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

September 19, 2022 - December 21, 2022
Mercury Drug Store
(Pharmacy Intern)

In a community pharmacy, as a Pharmacy Intern, my tasks is involved in filling prescriptions, dispensing medications, and interacting with patients on medication usage. Working with licensed pharmacists, I also help manage inventory and maintain an organized workspace, gaining practical experience for my future role as a pharmacist.

August 2022 - October 2022
Pharmacy Practice in Institutional Pharmacy
(Pharmacy Intern)

In my internship in Pharmacy Practice at an Institutional Pharmacy, I actively participate in operations, collaborate with healthcare professionals, ensure accurate medication dispensing, and contribute to patient counseling. This online internship experience prepares me for a future role as a pharmacist in an institutional healthcare setting.

2023 - 2023
Allied Pharmaceutical Laboratories
(Pharmacy Intern)

In my role as a Pharmacy Intern in manufacturing, I assist in pharmaceutical production, maintain quality standards, participate in manufacturing processes, and contribute to workspace cleanliness. This internship is providing practical experience for my future in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

2023 - 2023
Tagum Medical City
(Pharmacy Intern)

As a hospital Pharmacy Intern, I assist with medication tasks, collaborate with healthcare professionals, maintain patient records, and ensure safe medication use. Engaging with patients and also provide drug information. This internship is preparing me for a future role as a pharmacist.

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