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If you are looking for All-In-one partner to help your business grow , expand the exposure of your product and services, increase your revenue and take up less time doing administrative and business tasks, Im happy to help you!

I am 30- years old Freelancer from North Cotabato, Philippines with a hardworking, goal oriented, and highly motivated person and creative team player over 5 years of experience in multiple areas and I have made it my life's mission to help companies, business owners.

I worked in various companies in which it serve as my base line in learning and experience. Data entry, Sales, Customer Service and other related jobs made a high contribution in my passion as a Virtual Assistant.

I have a background in Microsoft excel, Bookeeping, Data Entry, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word and other applications related to Computer Software Technology.

I can also provide Social Media Management and Entrepreneurship for I have work experiences in this industry.
I can respond inquiries and emails turning every problem into positive response.

Janen Bentoy Pastrana
North Cotabato, Philippines
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Professional Skills and Expertise

Email Management
Lead Generation
Social Media Management
Data Entry
Product Research
Sales Marketing
General Admin Assistant


Typing skills certificate
Amazon indepth-training

Professional Background

(Computer Software Technology) Midsayap Community College

A graduate of 3 years Associate course

(Secondary) Pigcawayan National High School

A graduate of Secondary Highschool and one of the Top 10 Honor Student.

(Elementary) Pigcawayan Central Elementary School

2021 - 2022
Gift box.ph
(Sales Representative / Store Manager)

• Ensure current customer have the right products and services
• Identify new markets and customers leads, and pitch
prospective customers.
• Administrative and Organizational Tasks

2016 - 2021
Thrift Clothes Ukay-Ukay ( Secondhnd Clothing)
(Social Media Manager)

• Tasked to make graphics for offline and offline layouts.
• Responsible for the growth, stability direction and daily operation of the business.
• Edited editorial photos for clients and magazines, and social media posts.
• Organization of files.
• Interacting with customers and other stakeholders via the business social media accounts.
• Responsible for overseeing a accounts interactions with the public by
implementing social media platforms and content strategies.
• Analyzing the digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying
strategic weakness and making recommendations for improvements.

2013 - 2015
Cotabato Electric Cooperative
(Data Entry Specialist | Customer Service)

• Answer phone calls, schedule meetings and support visitors.
• Support team by performing tasks related to organization and strong
• Carries out administrative duties such as filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning etc.
• Complete operational requirements by scheduling and assigning administrative projects and expediting works results.
• Makes travel arrangements for senior staff such as booking flight, cars and hotel

High Quality Services

I Can Do it For You
Customer and Technical Services

I can provide help and answers to the customers technical issues through identification of the problem itself.

Email & Inbox Handling

I will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing and maintaining overall company's email marketing strategy.

Basic Photo Editing

I can coordinate photo assignments by selecting, editing and positioning photos and publishing images.

Basic Graphic design

I can create visual communication such as adverts, branding, publicity materials and magazine layouts.

Amazon VA

Can do research items to acquire at wholesale rates, negotiate with suppliers and obtain the best profitable products.

Administrative Support

Can be your independent contractor provides you administrative services while operating out of your clients office.

Social Media Management

Can boost your social media accounts into much flexible creative way stretching the boundaries of creativity and class

Data Entry / Web Researcher

I can do basic data services offline / online for a satisfying result.

Travel Management

I can manage your travel arrangement, organize and look out for the well being of business travelers.

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